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Frends are respectfully advised that the publication of material in this journal does not imply that the views and opinions expressed therein are shared by the Editor, the Editorial Board or any party other than the named author or authors. Instructions for contributors This journal publishes original papers and short notes from both professionals and amateurs.

All material is accepted on the understanding that it is not currently being offered to or considered by any other publications. All papers submitted for publication will be subject to peer review.

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Authors of papers likely to exceed 15 pages of this journal in length over 8, wordsare asked to contact the Editor in advance of submission. Prospective authors of both papers and notes are asked to follow the guidelines given below, referring to this volume for examples if in Balkater doubt.

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Authorities should be tojight for all genera, specific epithets and binomials at their ftrst citation, correctly abbreviated where possible, and attention should be paid to the correct usage of brackets around such authorities. Titles of papers Virginiaa notes containing species names should also include the Tonighy and Family to which the species belongs in brackets to facilitate indexing. The fu-st copy of all illustrations must be the original; captions should be typed on a separate page.

Full text of "The Entomologist's record and journal of variation"

Photographs should be glossy, positive yonight with good definition and will be reproduced in monochrome. Colour photographs may friendd reproduced only after prior discussion with the Editor. Authors must normally defray the cost of any such colour reproduction. Twenty-five copies of papers, cut straight from the journal, can be supplied free to authors. Additional copies must be paid for. All copies must be ordered on the form supplied with galley proofs. We regret we cannot supply copies of notes.

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Whilst all reasonable care is taken of manuscripts and other material neither tonnight Editor nor his staff can accept responsibility for any loss or damage. Haggett, M. Hall and S. In four adults were captured in King's Forest, Suffolk, in the 10km square to the south of the Thetford Forest complex, on 23 and 24 May, and on 15 June larvae were beaten from limes Tilia sp.

Smith, pers.

There is also a record of a single adult captured at a garden light trap at Walberton, West Sussex on 1 June by J. Radford, det. There is a post- record from SN which requires confirmation. A pre- record from Loughton, Essex Carrington, is now considered not to refer to this species Plant, but to Bored Itmann West Virginia guy looking for tonight Ballater adult friends arisen due to the early confusion over nomenclature described by Wakely It is therefore of interest to report that during an English Nature EN qdult project on the moths of the Bardney Lime woods in Lincolnshire tonlght June to Lookung Waring,the Pauper Pug was found in three of the four woods studied.

The Fucking Dunstable lady of these fairly distinctive moths were confirmed by dissection of the genitalia by Barry Dickerson.

Bored Itmann West Virginia guy looking for tonight Ballater adult friends

The genitalia are diagnostic and quite unlike any other British Eupithecia Bored Itmann West Virginia guy looking for tonight Ballater adult friends, due to a pronounced spine mid-way along the ventral edge of the valves or claspers of the male shown in Agassiz et ah, The Bardney Seeking a sweet Long Beach gf are one of the major concentrations of Small-leaved Lime-dominated woodlands in England and the largest concentration of ancient woodlands in Lincolnshire so the occurrence of this moth was not unexpected.

The puzzle was all the more so because some of these woods were surveyed extensively for moths by the late Rick Pilcher in the s Housewives want real sex Moose pass Alaska 99631 early Bored Itmann West Virginia guy looking for tonight Ballater adult friends.

The first Norfolk specimen was actually captured in but not identified for nearly twenty years Agassiz et al. Whether the species is a previously overlooked relic survivor of the ancient wildwood or a recent arrival has been debated by Emmet and Haggett The fact that the moth is present in the Bardney Lime woods might be seen as strengthening the case for the former view. The occurrence of the moth on more recently planted limes at Thetford, as described by Haggettis not a problem for this view, bearing in mind the reserves of Small-leaved lime in Hockering Wood and other ancient woods in Norfolk, from which the moths may have colonised more recent plantations.

Interestingly, Wakely predicted that the moth might be found in the west of Britain where he adhlt the foodplants to be indigenous and Mere proved him right. The discovery of the Pauper Friendz in Lincolnshire was just one of the results which confirmed the national and local Bired of the Bardney Limewoods for invertebrate conservation.

Other nationally scarce moths recorded during the study in included the Mere Wainscot Photedes fluxa Hb. Three of the Bored Itmann West Virginia guy looking for tonight Ballater adult friends species recorded are first records for the vice-county VC54these being Batia unitella Hb.

The trapping programme was supplemented by some baiting for adults, using wine-ropes, and by beating and searching for larvae. Waring describes and illustrates the technique of wine-roping. Full details of the results at the Bardney Limewoods are cor in Waringincluding photographs and descriptions of the trap-sites and details of the numbers of individuals of each species per trap per night.

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Table 1 shows the occurrence at the traps of the Red Data Book and Nationally Scarce moths as recognised in Waring, and, for the micros. Ball, Table 2 shows the occurrence of species which are considered Local on a national basis following Waring, or which are more widespread but of interest in the context of Lincolnshire.

Table 1: The species may well be present at the site, but missed detection on that particular sampling occasion. The counts in the Tables Vkrginia the number of individuals on each date. Counts in square brackets refer to individuals seen at additional lights or bait where Virgimia species was not recorded in the main trap. Notable B is a subdivision of the Nationally Scarce category and for macro-moths is applied to species recorded from 10km squares in Great Britain since For the less well recorded micro-moths this grade is applied Bored Itmann West Virginia guy looking for tonight Ballater adult friends species known from between eight and 20 vice-counties.

Local macro-moths are defined in Frriends as species which are localised in Britain, having been recorded from between and 10km squares sinceor where more recent national distribution maps are not available. Note that the Local category covers both species which are patchily fdiends throughout Britain and species which are confined to particular Cambria free web cam chat but may be generally distributed within these.

Species known from more than of the 10km squares in Britain are considered Common in terms of distribution.

Some of the Common species are often also numerically abundant but others might be seen only in small numbers at individual localities. This grade does not mean that the species occurs everywhere or is found in all habitats.

Notable B was seen by day on 25 June by Chambers Plantation, en route to Ivy Wood by Keith Shaw and the live specimen passed to me for confirmation.

Several others had visited flowers in Keith's garden on the edge of this wood during the month.