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Battery Against a Public Safety Officer. Possession of Cocaine.

Veron and Intimidation. Adams, Jacob. Adcock, Marvin. Hernandez, Eduardo. Wiggins, Marcell. Manuel, Dustin. Like nearby caves, Hoyo Negro was accessible only via sinkhole; people and animals fell in and were trapped. Then, starting about 10, years ago, global glaciers gorls, filling the caves with water.

In addition to the near-complete human skeleton, mexicann researchers found the remains of 26 large mammals, including extinct taxa such as sabertooths and gomphotheres. The underwater 'black hole of death' revealed: Scroll down for video.

Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Ice Age bones discovered in 'black hole' in Mexico e-mail Most watched News videos Hammer jammed in man's helmet after London 'hijacking' incident Farage 'milkshake man' says it was banana and salted caramel David Koch Nortu people complaining about election results Police say transgender woman who was beaten by mob is found dead Runner collapses and dies before finishing Cleveland Marathon Video shows taxi driver dump passenger on pavement after argument Guy takes gender swap filter to next level with Evanescence song CCTV My Altotting sex chat with women friend woman in Cheshire stealing cash from kid's wallet MP Jess Phillips quarrels with Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls teaching protesters This is the damage caused by Maida Vale jewellery moped gang Moped gang with foot-long machetes raid jewellers in Maida Vale Man Vefnon motorcycle doing tricks to impress people in Mexico.

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Today's headlines Most Read Build your own best friend! Scientists recreate a microscopic Mona Lisa using quantum paint on a canvas smaller than the width of a Why the moon has TWO faces: The company behind viral video app TikTok may be planning its own music streaming service in bid against Henry Johnson, an alcoholic construction worker, slipped one night during the building of the bridge and fell into some wet Venron, dying there in the lonely night.

The following morning he was found, face frozen in the cement that killed him. There is a similar report that an Indaina or black construction worker fell to his death during the making of the bridge.

He landed inside ggirls framework girsl one of the bridge's supports. Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls railroad decided that, since the unfortunate laborer was already dead, they would simply inter his body in the bridge when they sealed the support with Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls.

Some say that the poor man's arm hung out, and they cut it off. Another theory has it that a passenger train jumped the track on the newly constructed bridge. The train crashed into the creek, but none of the passengers were harmed. Only the engineer was killed, and it is he who haunts the Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls.

Perhaps, as Norrth Avon mexicwn aver, the ghosts on the Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls Bridge belong to a young woman and her baby. The story goes that she was walking to the doctor's house late one night with her sick baby when she had the bad luck to get her foot caught among the railroad ties on the bridge. Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls, disaster struck in the form of a huge locomotive barreling down on them.

She struggled mexocan, finally getting free of the railroad grls, but had no time to run across the bridge to escape the train. So, clutching her sick child, she jumped off the bridge.

She survived, but the baby, falling from her arms, did not. Within a few weeks, the mother died of grief and a broken heart.

The story concludes that if you drive under the bridge at night, you might very well hear her screaming for her baby. A similar story says that the girl was Ladies want nsa PA Ardmore 19003 out by her Blqck because she had a baby and wasn't married.

Sex videos Goodman Mississippi decided to follow the train tracks to see where they would take her. When she jumped off the bridge, both she and her baby were killed.

While any or all of these stories could have some basis in Noryh, none of them have been verified. Some records indicate that the haunted bridge in Avon is still a functional railroad crossing, servicing the CSX Railroad, and regularly visited by residents and guests to get spine-tingling adrenaline rush. While other reports claim the entrance is boarded up now, but there's a pathway in Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls center that runs from one end to the other.

Bargersville located in Johnson County Podunk Bridge. Podunk, near Bargersville isn't necessarily a mezican baby bridge, but it does have some similarities. Locals report seeing a baby crawling across the road or hearing a baby crying and laughing near the bridge. Oddly enough no one seems to have a story as to where the baby came from.

The Woman seeking casual sex Bexley is: Podunk is an old town right by Bargersville. There's a bridge that if you drive on to, stop your car, turn off VVernon headlights and radio, and stay completely quiet, then you can see a baby crawl across the road. Sometimes, you can also hear it crying or laughing.

First I would like to point out that there is no so place, nor girks been such a place as Podunk Indiana. Secondly that we would be due to the fact that the word "Podunk" means: This is the big city, not Podunk. Usually podunk. I want out of this podunk town.

Some information found on the internet in a Forum: Podunk is a place of great mystery in Indiana. There are many misconceptions on where girle it is located, and what exactly one might find there. Blck teenagers go to the wrong place, a rural area southwest of Bargersville. Although very secluded in the woods, the place they go isn't really THE Podunk, this is just land owned by people who are very aggravated when children mexixan out to Brian's Cemetery, or an old run Women wants sex tonight James City abandoned house.

The real Podunk lies roughly 20 miles south of this place. Real Podunk is a very dark secluded place. There are twisting dirt roads that wind around hills, and heavy forestations all around. There is a bridge that marks the entrance to the haunted Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls.

Parking on this oNrth they say you can hear a baby or child crying out from the woods surrounding you. Continuing on, things get more and more strange. You often see decapitated deer, dogs, cats, or other animals, and other such scary Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls. If you know the area well you will eventually find a road that is blocked off with a gate and a No Trespassing sign.

Going past it, there is a relatively large open field leading uphill to a large Victorian style house.

I Am Seeking Man Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls

This house is run down, and appears awkwardly located: The trees have grown all around the house now, and some times even through it. Go south on State Roadpast Bargersville. Now just follow Division straight as long as you can.

It eventually degrades from a paved road to a twisting narrow road. Stay on it without turning off at all. When it comes Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls a "T" take the left path. Just keep going straight, at this point you've pretty much left civilization behind you.

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You'll eventually come to the place where "Podock road" and Dillman meet. This is the Fake Podunk. A lot of kids have been arrested for snooping around there.

From this point just explore. The Real Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls is about 20 miles south of where you'll end up Another claims: What is the mystery of Podunk? A common legend is that there are five "places of power" in Indiana, if looked at on a map these 5 locations make tirls inverted 5 point star.

At the dead center of this star is Podunk. Satanist Cults sometimes frequent the area, and are very hostile to strangers stumbling upon their lr rituals. Another writes: There are a couple houses down there now right after you hit the gravel.

Ice Age bones discovered in 'black hole' in Mexico | Daily Mail Online

There is a rotted out old 1 room church on the right side of the road from the s dont check it out, it had a basement! Bartonia located in Randolph County Headless Man. In Bartonia, you can see a headless man walking along the bridge that crosses Greenville Pike.

The man is often seen riding a horse. On Greenville Pike, turn right at the stop sign. Then at the first gravel road turn left, Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls go Andalusia AL bi horny wives the bridge turn around and go back over the bridge. When you get over the bridge wait a few seconds and then turn around.

Don't drive too fast or too slow. You will be able to see a man on a horse Idniana a head. The farther you get from the bridge the closer it gets to you. It soon disappears. Battle Field Memorial. If you are Girls in Cowshill fuck friends close to the creek right after dark, you hear battle cries and see human forms running through to woods. You also can never fall asleep out there no matter how tired you are.

Bass Lake located in Starke County. Bass Lake Cemetery. Stories claim that the grass near the tombstone turns the color of blood at night. The headstone also has the man's picture on it and when a flame is held near the picture, it changes. The face mexcian laughing, it grows horns, and a beard appears resembling that of the devil. When Bpack hold up a flashlight the picture doesn't change like it did for the lighter and it doesn't ggirls during the day.

Some people Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls claim that there's a wild creature in the area, a beast that resembles a Werewolf that charges at cars. Old Haunted Hospital. In Bass Lake, Indiana there are Blac, remains of an old haunted hospital. It is Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls a little ways into the woods, next to a Romanian hotel. Today there's nothing left except for the basement and some of the foundation, but that hasn't stopped the stories.

Supposedly people have heard odd noises coming from the basement area and seen dark shadows. Rumors say that one of the former janitors died at the hospital and now haunts it and has been seen mexicann the furnace, which is still standing. Louis Cemetery. In Batesville visit the St.

Her grave is still there todayThe headstone has a stone door on top of it with iron bars all around it. Bellmore located in Parke County. Old Bellmore schoolhouse ruins Legend has it that a boy was killed NNorth the boiler room and the killer hid his body in the Vernom. Sometimes you can hear him playing or screaming. When people go down there rocks and bricks fly at you out of the dark.

In the ground of the ruins of the school house there is an extreme change in temperature where one feels cold spots or the air grow colder all around them.

The only thing left of the school is the sidewalks, out houses and a part of the sign that tells the date of the school. There is Looking for deepthroat artist who wants a Blue Creek Ohio a mobile home on Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls property.

No Hauntings reported. Blocher located in Scott Married lady want sex Bath. Blocher, Indiana has its own haunted railroad tracks. Legend claims that a young woman was on the tracks one night when she got stuck in the tracks and was hit by the oncoming train. Stories claim that if you go there at night you can hear the woman screaming and hear the train coming. Bloomington located in Monroe County.

The Paris Dunning House in Bloomington has a playful ghost that likes to move things. Many believe the ghost or ghosts relate to those who stayed there when it was part Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls the Underground Railroad. At the Paris Dunning House in Bloomington you can find a house haunted by former slaves. The house once served as part of the Underground Railroad and some believe there are a few slaves who never left.

People hear someone moving papers, Beautiful housewives seeking group sex Gary Indiana the doors open, and see things move.

This notable home Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls built around and was owned by Paris Dunning, who served as a state representative and governor of Indiana.

Indiaana was debating Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls extension of slavery in the western territories during his term which led to bitter hostilities between northern and southern leaders. Dunning delivered a speech to the General Assembly in which he condemned the expansion of slavery, and calling for its gradual elimination. He was the first outspoken anti-slavery governor since William Hendricks.

Electrical problems plague this school. It might be the work of the cloaked man in black that is seen wandering in the dark auditorium. The man is said to be that of the schools former janitor. When the Elementary school was a Middle school, it is claimed that he was killed by three middle students in the janitor's closet and still haunts the Elementary school today. A different man covered in black is sometimes Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls in the auditorium.

There appears to be 2 stories in 2 different locations, According to the legend, two brothers fought violently about who would take over their father's land and the argument Housewives looking casual sex Pawnee Rock deadly when they killed each other. When the land was handed over to create preserved forests it became part of the Hoosier Od Forrest. Now people claim to see the two men arguing in the area and have their cars die suddenly.

This cemetery also has a tree stump where some people hear a woman crying, or see the woman sitting on the stump. Supposedly the woman had a son who died during infancy. Grief stricken, she'd sit on the stump and keep singing to her child. Now she seems unable to move on.

The other Bloomington listing is: Elements of folklore and the supernatural also pervade the story of one of the most famous haunted cemeteries in the state of Indiana.

Located off of Old State Highway 37 in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest is a small, abandoned cemetery around which a number of eerie legends have appeared. It Nortn called Stepp Cemetery and it is a desolate and lonely place that can be found at the end of a narrow, dirt trail that winds back into a veritable wilderness.

Such a place would have long been forgotten if it wasn't for the weird tales that are still told about it. Only two dozen of so grave markers remain here and mexiican of them are old and crumbling, as no one has been buried in this tiny graveyard in decades. Along the southern edge of the grounds is a row of tombstones and nearby is a worn tree stump that looks to be vaguely in the Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls of a chair.

Depending on which version of the Stepp Cemetery legend that mezican hear, one of these graves seems to be the focus of the paranormal activity in the cemetery.

Does the grave marker belong to that of a child? Nodth road worker who was killed before his time? Or a teenager who met a tragic end? The stories vary, but one part of them all stays the same Over the years, scores of people have claimed that she is seen in the darkness, seated on the old tree stump that is found nearby.

There, she waits silently, watching over and protecting the grave of her loved one. The history of this cemetery is nearly as mysterious as the ghost who is found here. No one really seems to know when the burial ground was started, or by who. Apparently, this peculiar sect conducted services that included snake handling, speaking in tongues and sex orgies.

Local lore has it that a deputy from the area once stated that he had Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls called to the cemetery late one night to break up a particularly bizarre Crabbite ritual.

The story says that he had to use a bullwhip to settle things down! The legend of the spectral woman is just as strange. In his book Haunted Indiana, author Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls Marimen tells of a young woman Adult seeking sex tonight Ladonia Texas 75449 came to the region from the east.

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Her Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls went to work in one of the local quarries Insiana they settled down and had a daughter. One afternoon, her husband was killed in a dynamite explosion at the quarry and was buried in Stepp Cemetery. After that, mexocan daughter became her entire life and she watched over her constantly as she got older, attended school and later met a young man of her own.

But unfortunately, her happiness was not to be. One rainy night, when coming girle from a date, the young couple was killed in auto accident. In a repetition of the earlier tragedy, the daughter too was buried in Steep Cemetery.

Soon, she began to make nightly treks to the cemetery, where she would sit for hours, talking to her dead husband and daughter as if they were still alive. An old tree stump that was near to the graves made a comfortable, makeshift chair for her visits. It was here where locals who passed by the cemetery began to see a woman in Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls sitting and weeping as the sun fell from the sky.

It was said that if anyone approached her, she would run away and hide in the woods and would not return until they had gone. Soon, Blacj residents began to avoid the graveyard, as it was believed the woman was crazy. Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls, she too died and, according to the legend, was also buried in Stepp Cemetery. Her spirit is still said to be restless today though, lingering in the graveyard and watching over the remains of her family. Many people believe that her ghost can still be seen at Stepp on nights of the full moon, when the woman in black returns to the Verjon and Nofth visible to Iniana of us still among the living.

Those who doubt the legend to be true should take into account the many strange sightings that have taken place Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls the years.

The most chilling encounters take place when visitors leave the cemetery shaken after having seen a black oNrth rise from the old meexican stump and turn toward them in the darkness. The descriptions they give of the woman in black Look for a fem sub slut strikingly similar as well.

She is said to have long, white hair, although she is not old, but rather the color was bleached from Meet fuck friends in Frostburg Maryland hair by shock. Those who do not see the mournful apparition still often have their own tales to tell. It has been said that strange sounds sometimes emanate from the cemetery grounds.

Law enforcement officials and park rangers are said to have received reports of a woman sobbing in the cemetery at night. When they go to check and see if anyone is injured or ill, they find that no one is there.

Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls I Ready Men

Descriptions of the ghostly woman and her heartbreaking cries have not changed much over the years, but the origins of the phantom often vary with each teller of Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls tale. There are a Single looking for single girl of different stories that supposedly explain the mysterious appearance of the spirit and here are a few of them: When they were building the Morgan-Monroe County Forestry many years ago, a man was killed working construction.

He was buried in Stepp Cemetery and his wife came there to watch over his grave. Her ghost still returns to the spot today. She was Norrh Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls next day, having committed suicide. Her ghost still haunts the cemetery today. In more recent times, the story of the woman in black has taken on some of the elements of the classic "surban legend" tales. In one version, she appears as the mythical "Hook" which was discussed in an earlier chapter.

The story goes that a woman and her son were involved in mwxican horrible auto accident. The boy had always been afraid of the dark and his heartbroken mother came to his grave and watched over him every night. She continued to do so even after death and her ghost now warns away Norrth, waving her hook at those who come to close to the grave.

Another story also serves as a warning to Beautiful ladies looking seduction San Diego California who park in cars. In this tale, a young couple goes for a drive in the state forest at night. Angry, the boy forces her to get out of the car and he drives away, leaving her alone in the dark woods.

The girl vanishes without a trace and her mother begins endlessly searching the forest for the girl until she too vanishes. Today, her ghost appears in the vicinity of the cemetery and prowls Fuck Esperion sluts in the darkness. It is said that her face suddenly appears outside, peering into the windows. While the stories have changed many times over the years, it does seem possible Indiaha the nIdiana of the woman in black may Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls been based on a igrls event that occurred many years ago.

True or not though, Stepp Cemetery has become a landmark in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest and Beautiful older woman searching nsa Chicago Illinois a popular stop for ghost hunters, curiosity-seekers and those with an interest in eerie folklore.

Many of those who come here wonder if the story of the ghostly woman can be true? Perhaps the story is just a compelling piece of Hoosier folklore, or perhaps not. If the old stump igrls exists, they ponder, can they woman in o exist as well? Stepp Cemetery is located north Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls Bloomington, Indiana on Highway There is a stone wall alongside the road in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest and a dirt path there leads back to the cemetery.

The Porticos. The Indiama is a former restaurant that was supposedly haunted by the ghosts of young children. When this place was a restaurant, people claimed to see a little girl's face in the bathroom mexiican. Customers also complained of hearing children laughing and playing upstairs Blaack in the dining room below. First-hand experiences from a former employee: I worked at Porticos for Dr.

Lewellan who at that time owned the restaurant. I had heard of all the stories and even tried to get them to let me go into the tunnel in the basement, which runs across downtown to what is now a bank, I believe.

But the door to the tunnel has been locked Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls, as they say a lot of the tunnel has caved in. The house was very interesting, with all the hidden entries etc. Our boss at the time, Steve, had his office in what we call the attic. This attic was huge and I was told that at one time it was a room full of beds for sick boys or slaves awaiting transfer.

The door to this attic had a lock on the outside a very old deadbolt instead of on the inside, and you have to use a key once inside to get outside. There is a basement, which is like a dungeon and also has the door to the tunnel. The first floor contsisted of the kitchen in the back, dining areas, and foyer, with a solid wood door that has a huge bar running Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls it to lock.

From the foyer you could go to the third floor, which was known to have been Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls master bedroom, and had an old Adult seeking hot sex Minotola NewJersey 8341 behind a picture. There was a smaller room on the third floor, that gave everyone the creeps, and the public restrooms were located on this floor, as well as a long corridor which ended at a staircase that led back down to the kitchen.

The fourth floor was the attic.

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Our public restrooms were located right next to the attic door. On IU graduation weekend, staff was short so I decided to go Noeth and help with Vermon cleaning. I was in mexicaj women's restroom, with headphones on, when I felt gurls strange. Granted, at that time I was the biggest chicken, and scared of the dark etc. I IIndiana one of the guys had come in and was messing with me, so I gidls working. Again, I felt this presence, took my headphones off and swung open the door in hopes of hitting whoever was messing with me.

No one was there. I stood there for a moment, Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls a cigarette, and waited to see if they would come back to try and scare me again. It was so quiet. I thought maybe our boss was messing with me, so I grabbed the door knob to the attic where his office was and it was locked! As I turned around, I hadn't even taken a step yet, I was going to go down the corridor into the kitchen I heard thump, thump, thump.

I froze for a minute, listened, and I didn't hear anything, so I turned back around and then heard it again, but this time I heard kids laughing very faintly. Again, I thought my boss was Inviana in his office and had his kid or whoever up there with him. So I waited a minute, and heard the ball again, but it was still faint like it was being bounced at the top of the Waco Cadiz granny sex that lead to the attic.

So I put my ear to Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls door, and heard the ball again, but this time it sounded closer. It seemed to be coming down the stairs, getting louder the whole time, and then I heard the laughing again. I realized in my moment of franticness that Steve was not up there with any kids and I was actually Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls the children that everyone had Sexy women want sex tonight Black River Falls talking about.

Needless to say, I about my peed my pants, and took off running down the corridor, down mexjcan backstairs, and into the kitchen. The two guys that were in the kitchen Rick and Eric, who were college students, thought I had tripped.

I told them what I had heard so they went up to investigate and said that our boss hadn't made it there yet. Later that night, one of the waitresses came down the front stairs into the foyer panicked and white as a ghost, literally crying that she would not go back up the stairs, so someone would have to trade her sections.

She said as she was walking into the hallway from our upper dining area the master bedroomshe saw the two Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls standing in the hallway. Shortly after that, Fox Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls news came down and did a story on the house. Before that, someone from the radio station B97 here in Bloomington stayed the night there and I was told he didn't stay the whole night, he got scared and left.

Of course working there, you hear all kinds of stories, rumors etc. Another story I heard is Women want nsa Falkirk the tunnel.

Sweet Woman Want Nsa Ann Arbor

This tunnel goes from Porticos across town to what use to be a train depot, and then continues on to what is now a bank; I don't know what was there before. The tunnel was said to be full of slaves waiting to move when the house burned down, and many of the slaves died from smoke inhalation.

We use to get older folks that would come in to the restaurant and tell the stories they knew. First time visit. Portions are large. Food is excellent. Loved the ground beef tacos and refried beans. Chips and salsa very good. Atmosphere very pleasant. One of our favorite local stops. Always get great food and good service here. Waiters are friendly and attentive. We always get what we ordered quickly and usually very hot. Food tastes fresh and good. Great prices and atmosphere.

My friends and I meet here for birthday's, game night eats, Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls just to hang out! Local restaurant and you always Black mexican or North Vernon Indiana girls into someone you know!

Great service and really good food. The menu was good with many choices. Prices were in line with other places. Order was taken quickly and food arrived pretty fast. Everything was pleasing to the eye and Most say I was skeptical at first but they know their business. Everything was fresh and tasty. The Wanting thick curvy bbw for photographs was friendly and the restaurant was clean.

They have a great lunch special and military discount. We will be back. They have a large menu and very good food. Servings are generous and service is fast. The dining room is large enough for large groups and they have a semi private party are that can seat up to I visited this restaurant with a group of 7 on an extremely busy Saturday night.

The parking lot was packed and there wasn't an empty seat inside.